Wide Awake Films

Presented by Clondarrig Farm and The Balcony Film Club, Mountmellick

We are really happy to announce that in early 2020 Clondarrig Farm will partner with The Balcony Cinema, Mountmellick to host a series of inspirational films with the theme of restoration, resilience and ecological stewardship in the face of climate change and ecological crisis. .

Our intention is that hosting these films will help inspire hope and purpose in those of us who are worried about what the future holds and want to make a difference. We hope to create a space for local community to connect and talk about the many ways of creating an alternative future together, for ourselves and for the places in nature we have guardianship of .

The screenings will be followed by an informal cuppa, a cake (or two!) and a chat with key local and national players in creating resilient, regenerative, strong and harmonious communities in the years to come.

Check out the trailer of this great film, “Living the Change” for an idea of what we are planning …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esfgaThoZ1s

So stay tuned for more news on “Wide Awake Films” coming soon!

For further enquiries, email ; connect@clondarrig.com or clondarrigfarm@gmail.com